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From someone who fumbled his way to 1175 followers

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“I hate Twitter.” I complained. “It’s impossible to get followers, I’m on it 24/7, and no one’s reading my tweets.” My girlfriend rolled her eyes.

She’s heard this before.

“I think I’m going to quit. There has to be an easier way to build an audience.”

That was five months ago. With 200 followers, 0 engagement, and 6 months of effort, building an audience on Twitter seemed impossible.

Turns out I made every mistake under the sun.

Here they are — so you don’t have to.

Mistake #1: No Style for the Profile

If you want attention, you need to earn it.

Here’s the typical attention-to-follow path:

It’s not about what you read. It’s about how you read.

Most people see books like romantic relationships; you read one at a time and never cheat.

But plenty of brilliant people do cheat. Author Julia Keller refuses to read one book by itself. President Roosevelt used to read different books depending on his mood. Naval Ravikant reads upwards of 20 books at once.

So I decided to experiment — no more solo books. What I found turned a month’s test into a lifelong habit.

#1 You Upgrade Your Mindset Through Information Exposure

How do you feel when you’re reading a great book?

Motivational biographies energize you. Sales books help you convert like a king. …

A step-by-step approach to becoming who you want to be

Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

Knowing what’s best for you and doing it are two different ballgames.

On the one hand, you have who you want to be — brave, bold, enthusiastic. On the other, you have doubt, fear, and excuses. Every decision is a battle, and the outcome defines who you become.

Playing it safe feels easy, but it comes at a cost you should never be willing to pay.

Who’s Winning Your Fight?

James Clear once said, “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.” But most people aren’t intentional with their choices. …

2 exercises from ancient philosophy to make sure you keep enjoying life.

Photo by Stephan Müller from Pexels

Being truly satisfied is a lot harder than it seems.

You can work hard on goals only to feel disappointed by their achievement. Or wait eagerly for a holiday to discover the anticipation was the main event.

We get glimpses of satisfaction in what we do, but it’s often tainted by an unwelcome whisper:

Is this it?

You’re not ungrateful and you’re not destined to be unhappy. The reality is that natural selection designed your mind to survive, not be content — and this makes for a complicated dance between getting what you want and enjoying it.

Bad Times Come From Bad Predictions

I quit my…

Do you think differently from the crowd?

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

Oscar Wilde

Most people would rather conform to society than pursue personal desires.

But there comes a point when you’re not happy with what you see. When your definition of a meaningful life differs from the crowd and you’re fed up of being a cog in the system. This is when you start prioritising yourself over the need to fit in.

Thinking independently makes you dangerous to society. Acting on these ideas will give you a freedom most never get to experience.

1. You Don’t Believe in Conventional Work Hours

“If we…

How to make sure you never stop growing

Photo by Lukas Rodriguez from Pexels

Trying to change too much is the reason people fail to change at all.

A long list of dreams can harm more than help. Strong starts give way to disappointing dips, and you find yourself back to square one, or worse. The problem isn’t that change is impossible, but that your approach makes keeping on track improbable.

How you start your transformation defines how far you’ll grow.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

I used to hate everything about myself.

I wanted desperately to be better, but every disappointing attempt to change crumbled my self-belief. …

Give yourself the best chance at meaningful work

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

‘We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.’

— Confucious.

There are millions of unique professions, but not many people find their true calling.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle taught that achieving happiness is through fulfilling purpose, our telos. He believed we all had a reason for being, but in modern life, this reason becomes blurred by distractions and shiny objects.

Does your work feel like play?

Are you making a big impact?

Do you bring great value to people who need you?

If the answer isn’t yes to these three questions, you haven’t…

It’s time to pull out of the comparison game.

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

You can’t become yourself if you’re stuck in other people’s shadows.

There’ll always be something, or someone, that makes you feel small. Achievements fade fast in the light of everyone else’s, and as we become more connected, it’s only getting harder to be confident in yourself. Looking good to others is now more important than being good to ourselves.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” If you stop comparing and start focusing on…

Not today negativity, not today.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Negativity is like a spoilt child constantly demanding your attention.

Feed it, and it’ll only get worse. Negativity breeds negativity, and soon you’re dealing with a monster every day. But if you take control and override negative responses, the kid quietens down — so you can get on living how you want to.

To conquer negativity, you need tactics. This article will give you seven.

1. Stop Fighting and Start Understanding

“All negativity is an illusion created by the limited mind to protect and defend itself.” Ambika Wauters.

Most people treat negativity like something you can brush under the carpet.

Unfortunately, life’s not like that…

Are you holding yourself back?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Do you love your job, or tolerate it?

If you’re the latter, you’re not alone. Work only engages 1 in 9 of us, and only half are happy with our careers. We’ve normalised wasting a significant chunk of our lives doing something unfulfilling as if we have no choice in the matter.

But you do.

Just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s right.

Feeling alive for three weeks a year isn’t right. Waiting bleary-eyed for weekends isn’t right. Dreading Monday morning isn’t right.

If you’re serious about getting the most from life, work needs to be in line with who you are and what you want to achieve…

Kieran Drew

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